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Accelerated Freefall Course FAQs



Why should I choose Parabellum Instructors?

The Parabellum’s way sees only the most knowledgeble AFF instructors within our team. Parabellum has a depth of experience hard earned from a combined 40 years in both civilian and military free fall training and operational delivery. All Parabellum instructors have completed extremely challenging course and examinations to hold skydiving teaching ratings in both British Skydiving and the United State Parachute Association.

If you do not have a British Skydiving instructor, you cannot be awarded the licence which allows you to jump in the UK. Many overseas Drop Zones advertise a British Skydiving licence after completing their AFF package for an extra cost. Parabellum is one of the very few British Skydiving companies who offer these licenses from residential training overseas.

Why run residential Training Packages?


As a student parachutist under training, policy around cloud base and wind speed can be restrictive. As a safety measure Parabellum will always adhere to this British Skydiving policy. We have found that residential package in good weather location is the most efficient way to complete our course both time and cost wise. This has been proven from many years of military training abroad.


What height will I jump from? 


Student parachutists exit at a minimum of 10,000 feet, in some cases you will exit as high as 15,000 feet, depending on local air traffic control restrictions and the cloud base.

How safe is skydiving? 


Parabellum Skydiving carry out an independent health and safety risk assessment. Your safety is our top priority. We only choose Drop Zones who operate in accordance with British Skydiving rules and regulations, as well as Parabellum's assessment profile. All instructors are British Skydiving qualified, extremely experienced and current in accordance with British Skydiving Policy.

Parabellum Skydiving have a full instructor training and currency strategy in place to ensure our instructors are up to date with the latest requirements and training methods . The equipment used is of the highest quality and is utilised by military units throughout the world.


Parabellum equipment is maintained in accordance with British Skydiving regulations, regularly inspected, professionally packed and checked prior to every jump. Each piece of equipment comprises of a dual parachute system consisting of a main and reserve parachute. Safety back up systems include a Reserve Static Line and an Automatic Activation Device (brand names include Cyprus and Vigil) which will operate independantly in extreme circumstances.


Can I breathe in free fall? 

You will be able to breathe quite normally during your descent to the point where you will not even think about it!

How long does the AFF course take?

The duration of the course depends on each individual. While each student sets his own pace for jumping, other factors must be considered as well: weather, daylight hours and Drop Zone coordination. The average time to complete an AFF course is approximately 3-4 days. The remainder of the time can be used to complete all of your consolidation jumps, managed and coordinated by Parabellum Skydiving.

Am I likely to repeat a jump level?


Not necessarily, there are many students who pass the course without the need to repeat any jumps. Residential courses are designed to promote progression and consistency, thus redusing the likelyhood of a repeat jump. Students who have to repeat a level will receive extra specific training tailored to their individual needs and learning style.

Are there hidden costs?


All students are required to have full membership of British Skydiving. As part of the course fee we will ensure the students are issued with a Temporary membership, that grants them unlimited jumping for one month. This can be upgraded later to a full membership. Full British Skydiving membership costs approximately £125.00 per year on a downwards sliding scale from 1st April.


What clothes should I wear? 


Ensure that your clothes are sporty and comfortable, with no hoods. Temperature at altitude is approximately 5 degrees colder than on the ground. If it is a cold day, please use a thermal base layer. In the summer shorts and a t-shirt will be fine. You will be provided with a jumpsuit to fit over your clothes. Comfortable shoes with no heels or hooks are required, with trainers being the perfect option. Open-toed shoes are not allowed.

What if I do not complete the course in the allocated time frame?


Your credit will remain on the account with Parabellum Skydiving, therefore you can finish the remainder of you course at a later date. If there has been a long period of time between courses, for your own safety, you may need to repeat a level or undergo a detailed refresh training.


What happens once I get my A licence?


You will be able to jump solo at any Drop Zone in the United Kingdom or abroad. You will also have a range of various skydiving disciplines o choose from to continue with additional training of you decide to do so.

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