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Parabellum Parachute Display Team - make your special event a visual extravaganza! Stand out, make an impression and wow your guests with one of our spectacular parachute displays.

Parabellum Parachute Display Team is registered with British Skydiving, the sport’s governing body within the UK, and can offer displays at any appropriate location where it is safe to do so. Parachute display skydiving puts the landing area amongst the public and allows everyone to witness the skill and commitment display skydivers have in our sport.

The team was formed in 2011 and consists of highly experienced parachutists, mainly ex-military.  The members come together to complete parachute displays from across the UK and Europe. Throughout the season (normally May to September), the team display into events including air shows, sports fixtures, family days, regattas, night and water displays. All members of the team are volunteers with full-time jobs in addition to display duties. They are selected (or re-qualify) at a training camp every year, and invest a significant amount of personal time and effort to maintain their skill currency in order to promote Parabellum Skydiving.

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Parabellum Parachute Display Team demonstrate a combination of impressive freefall and canopy skills using coloured smoke for added visual effect and large trailing flags. The trailing flags are deployed under canopy and can be the teams own flags or they can fly the events or a sponsor's flag. The teams may then land for example in an arena to the applause of an excited crowd.

A display typically includes four parachutists with live crowd-engaging commentary provided and a 'line-up' and salute to the crowd or VIP after landing.  Weather limits are 20 knots of wind and the ability to see the landing area from the aircraft prior to jumping out of it – typically from 5000 feet.  A arena time window of 20-30 minutes is ideal for a display and arena clearance, after which team members normally disperse into the crowd to pack their parachutes – a popular photography attraction with the public. A booking requires at least 28 days’ notice and requires a landing area of at least 50 m x 100 m. Displays into water are possible, but involve more planning, expense, and at least one recovery craft per parachutist.

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