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Other Services

Four skydivers exiting an aircraft directly above you, activating smoke trails, before opening their parachutes, lowering flags and landing in front of your mesmerised guests. Interested in what else we can offer?

In addition to Accelerated Freefall courses and Tandem skydives, Parabellum Skydiving specialises in and provides a range of other services.


Parabellum is the only free fall company who can offer the most exclusive and tailor made entertainment to compliment your event. From day/ night displays with flags, water jumps and helicopter raffle tandem skydives to corporate team building events. We can build a programme specifically designed to suit your requirements for a particular event. Please click below for more information.


For those skydivers who have just completed their AFF course and experienced jumpers alike, we provide further progression training in various disciplines. The Parabellum way and ethos support our members from the initial phase of learning and through your entire skydiving career. We will offer advice on the equipment to purchase, with your safety being our primary focus. Our expeditions are open to intermediate skydivers to join in and develop their abilities in a supportive, safe environment. Please check out below our Further Training section for more information.

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