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Charity Tandem

Raise money for your chosen charity, make a difference that counts. Jump out of an airplane while awareness for a cause that is close to your heart. 

How Does It Work?


Tandem skydiving is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime and provides an amazing opportunity to raise Money for a good cause.  By raising a minimum amount of funds for these good causes you could get your Tandem skydive for FREE.


Parabellum Skydiving closely works with a number of charities for you to choose from, however, we strongly encourage you to select a charity and cause that is close to your heart. It provides for a much more reward experience if you are raising funds for something you strongly believe in.​

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  • Select a Charity of your choice. Some charities have fundraising targets, while others are self-funded by yourself. Each charity will state if they will contribute to some/ all of your jump cost or if you need to self-fund it. You should contact your chosen charity in advance and agree with the use of funds/ minimum sponsorship required with them  directly. Some charities already have a sponsorship team in place that will make things easier for you.


  • Choose how to Fundraise: you can do so online using pages like JustGiving and VirginMoney or through charity’s official sponsor forms (or both). If you require we can provide you with the sponsor forms.


  • Book your Skydive with us with just £50 deposit. Deposit can be later refunded to you from the sponsorship money. By booking with us directly and not through an agency your funds raised ONLY go to cover the cost of your charity tandem skydive and the charity itself. Please remember to download here and fill in British Skydiving Form 115A (or 115B if required) – Student Tandem Parachutist Medical Information and Declaration.


  • Start fundraising. Share your dreams and aspirations with your family, friends and colleagues who can assist you to raise funds.


  • Complete your tandem skydive. On the day of the jump, you will need to pay the balance for the skydive at the airfield. Please kindly note that this amount can only be paid in cash, wire bank transfer or by debit / credit card only. Funds raised online cannot be used to pay the outstanding balance unless you make prior arrangements with the charity.


  • Transfer funds raised to the charity or at least the remaining minimum sponsorship to your chosen charity within the timeframe they have specified if you have not already raised enough online.

It is important to remember that although it seems you are skydiving for free, the tandem parachute jump is being paid for by the charity and the people supporting your cause, so you should try to raise as much as possible over the minimum target.

If you are organizing a group charity event then you will need to provide the following details for each person to make a reservation, and please ensure you have read our list of restrictions on who can take part in tandem skydiving before booking:


  1. Name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Approximate Weight and Height

  4. Contact mobile number and email address

  5. Payment of non-refundable deposit of £50 per person

Are your friends already doing a Skydive for Charity?
Join a pre-arranged charity skydive day!


If your charity is organising a group tandem skydive day, contact them and ask to join in. They will inform you on the financial arrangements and how the jump is to be paid for. They may even make your booking for you.

Why not have your skydive filmed by one of our expert freefall photographers? You can even use the video to get a little extra sponsorship out of friends and family.

Please note that for tandem skydives there is a MAXIMUM WEIGHT (fully clothed) of 100 kg (16 stone). This limit is in place for your own safety.

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