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Tandem Restrictions


Minimum age for parachuting is 16 years and there is no maximum age for this course, subject to health conditions. Persons between 16 and 18 years of age will be required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 21 or over to sign consent forms on the day of the jump.


Minimum weight of 44kg (7st/98lbs) and maximum weight of 16st / 100kg, that is fully clothed (suitable wind conditions may be required). If you weigh less than 44 kg, you should arrive 15 mins earlier for a harness fitting.


Over 4ft10 / 147 cm, if below you should arrive 15 mins earlier for a harness fitting.

Fitness and Health

All tandem customers are required to sign a British Skydiving Tandem Student Medical Declaration form 115A. Those unable to agree to all statements on form 115A due to medical conditions or injuries must bring a copy of Form 115B Tandem Student Parachutists Doctors Medical Certificate signed and stamped by their doctor instead. Only the official forms should be used, we cannot accept letters or other types of medical.

Medical Conditions

We regret that certain medical conditions may prevent you from taking part in a skydive. These include epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions, some forms of diabetes and recurring injuries. If you have previously dislocated your shoulder/arm it is vital that you inform us and consult your doctor. Please refer to the British Skydiving Form 115-A below for further details.


Doing a tandem skydive with a disability is not only possible but is immensely enjoyable. We are very pleased to welcome customers with the following disabilities to take part in Tandem Skydiving Course:

  • Blind

  • Deaf

  • Quadriplegic

  • Paraplegic

  • Suffer from Multiple Sclerosis

  • Have lost a limb / limbs


The above list is not exhaustive. If you have a disability that is not listed above, please do get in touch with us to discuss if we can complete your skydive safely. Every case is unique and our team will do their best to find a solution. A British Skydiving fitness form will need to be signed and stamped by your doctor.


Our main concern is always customer’s safety, therefore we might need to postpone your skydive if the weather conditions are not suitable for all or a particular individual. In this case the jump will be rescheduled to the next suitable date and the individual/s will have the priority to skydive first on that date.

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