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Photo and Video Package

Relive the experience over and over again or share with your family and friends... Our photo and video package is the perfect addition to your day and makes a fantastic gift.

A tandem skydive is a thrill of a lifetime, where you will experience the rush as you jump out of a perfectly good aircraft, appreciate the sensation of the freefall and then the magic moment of the parachute opening above you. These are the moments to rememebr forever. Your professional video and a selection of photographs comes on a USB stick, it is easy to download and shere with your friends.

We do have limited camera availability so we recommend that you book your preferred option as soon as you can. The following is available for you to choose from:

Carly 2019-05-30 18.21.20
Carly 2019-05-30 18.21.05

Freefall Photographer


We have a team of highly trained freefall photographers who are experts at capturing your special moments. With this option you will get a personal camera flyer, who will jump out of the aircraft with you and will be dedicated to you during your skydiving experience in order to record every aspect of the jump. You will receive an edited video of the skydive that will include every moment, starting from the interview on the ground and until the soft landing back on “terra firma”. You will also receive 50-80 stills photographs.


The advantage of this option is that the freefall will be recorded from every angle, which makes for a varied and “full” video. The landing footage from the ground looks amazing too, however, a free-fall photographer cannot record your actual canopy ride.


Cost - £149



Instructor Handycam


Our tandem instructors are experienced and trained at operating a wrist mounted GoPro Camera during a skydive. We call this option an “ultimate selfie”. This option is best if you prefer close up freefall shots and would like to have a footage of yourself under the parachute, however, be aware the you will not have a variety of angles as with the other option.


Cost - £119

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