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Accelerated Freefall

Level 1 only

From Zero to Hero

  • High intensity 2-day course

  • 2 instructors by your side, but not attached to you

  • Freefall from 13,000ft

  • Deploy, fly and land your own parachute

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is the fastest route to becoming a qualified skydiver and be part of the skydiving world.

The course provides the individual with immense satisfaction and personal achievement. The people you will meet along the way and the experiences that only a few will ever be exposed to is very rewarding too. The AFF course is accredited by British Skydiving, recognised throughout the UK and abroad. Once completed, you can jump anywhere in the world and continue with your progression, taking up various skydiving disciplines.

We offer the AFF Level 1 course as a unique introduction to the world of parachuting and skydiving which allows you to try it out first, before making up your mind about it. If you prefer something a little more challenging than a Tandem Parachute Jump, its great as a one-off freefall experience. This course is frequently bought as a gift; a gift voucher is available on request.

Please note that Parabellum Skydiving is one of the very few companies in the UK who carried out FULL Risk Assessment of its AFF courses! The Risk Assessment is available on request and referenced during ground training.

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About The Course


This is a two-day course which consists of a full day of ground-based training with your instructor, followed by your first freefall skydive from 13,000 feet on another day. Normally, the skydive will take place within 10 days of your training, however, this is subject to weather conditions. During the freefall phase your two instructors will give in-air coaching and will be monitoring your safety at all times.


You will be instructed on all aspects of skydiving and canopy control which will enable you to cope with the rigors of 50 second freefall at 120 mph, controlling your body and performing a set routine of drills, followed by deploying your own parachute at 5,000 ft. Ground-based training will also equip you with the knowledge and skills required to fly and ultimately land your canopy safely on the landing area.

What Does AFF Level 1 Entails?



The course commences with a full day of ground-based training, we will provide you with the location and timings upon booking the course. This covers the theory and practice of skydiving and the use of your parachute system. You will learn safety procedures, how the equipment operates, how to exit the aircraft with your instructors, how to maintain control and communicate in free fall, how to initiate the opening of the main parachute, and how to steer to the landing area and land safely. Before jumping, you will practise all the procedures for both, the skydive and the parachute descent, until your instructors are completely satisfied with your abilities.

Upon arrival to the Drop Zone on a separate day (agreed date when the weather conditions are suitable), you will receive a thorough Refresh training before you board the aircraft to complete your first skydive! At 13,000 feet, with one instructor at each side, you exit the aircraft and put your new skills to the test!

With the maximum amount of time in free fall and highly experienced instructors next to you, you will have your senses overloaded, adrenaline flowing – a new passion is born! During the freefall phase you will have planned sequence of drills to complete that will challenge you a little further.

Once you have deployed your own parachute, you will fly it safely back to the landing area by yourself. We will provide you with a radio for the jump so we could communicate with you from the ground, if required during your parachute flight. Once safely on the ground you will meet your instructors for an informative debrief and to receive your certificate.

To book your AFF Level 1 course please check our next available dates.


What Is Next?

After you have completed your Level 1 you may then wish to continue with the whole course, which consists of eight levels. Costs for subsequent levels will be a lot less than your original outlay as you have completed your “ground school” and will only require a comprehensive brief before each descent. We conduct full courses abroad which makes for a fantastic holiday.




Cost of AFF Level 1 only  - £449
Student Rig.png
The price includes the following:


  • All instruction for the course

  • Kit hire for all equipment required, this includes: jumpsuit, altimeter, helmet, goggles and parachute

  • Initial log book and Certificate

  • British Skydiving Temporary Membership – P6, which is 3rd party insurance.

                    Available at an extra cost:
  • Photo and Video package with a dedicated photographer                                     £149

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