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Tandem Course


Can I jump with a disability?

Disabilities do not necessarily need to stop you from skydiving. Email or call us to discuss your options with one of our instructors. Parabellum will do their very best to accommodate your needs.

What happens if the weather is bad? 

Skydiving like most aviation sports is weather dependent. In accordance with British Skydiving rules and regulations, our team must operate within strict safety limitations with regards to cloud cover and wind speeds. If the weather is deemed unsuitable you will be given the opportunity to re-schedule your booking for another time at your convenience. Refunds are not given if the weather is unsuitable on the day.

How long will I have to wait to jump on the day? Can you give me an exact time slot? 

We understand that it is helpful to know when you are likely to jump especially if you have friends and family coming to see you jump. We will be able to give you approximate time slots, however please be advised that weather conditions can affect these. If your supporters are travelling separately, we usually advise that they aim to arrive 1 hour – 1.5 hours after your designated arrival time.

When completing a Tandem skydive, plan for an all day activity. The Drop Zones we use have catering facilities to keep your supporters entertained should there be a wait. Parabellum instructors will do there upmost to ensure efficient time management throughout your day.

What height will I jump from? 

Tandem jumpers exit at a minimum of 10,000 ft in some cases you will fly as high as 15,000 ft, depending on local air traffic control restrictions and the cloud base.

Do I need insurance? 

The cost of your Tandem Skydive will automatically cover you for the British Skydiving 3rd party insurance up to £5,000,000. If you wish to take out additional personal injury cover, there are plenty of companies providing this service.

How safe is skydiving? 

Parabellum Skydiving carry’s out an independent health and safety risk assessment. Your safety is our top priority. We only choose Drop Zones who operate in accordance with British Skydiving rules and regulations. All instructors are British Skydiving qualified, extremely experienced and current in accordance British Skydiving Policy.

Parabellum skydiving have a full instructor training and currency strategy in place to ensure this. The equipment used is of the highest quality used by military units throughout the world. We maintained our equipment to a meticulous standard, and will only jump when the weather conditions are suitable and safe to do so.  


Parabellum Equipment is maintained in accordance with British Skydiving regulations and checked prior to every jump. Each piece of equipment comprises of a dual parachute system with a main and reserve parachute. Safety back up systems include a reserve static line and an automatic reserve opening device (brand names include Cyprus and Vigil) which will operate automatically in extreme circumstances.

Can I jump if I wear contact lenses or glasses? 

You will be issued with goggles that comfortably fit over glasses and help to keep contact lenses in place.

Can I breathe in free fall? 

You will be able to breathe quite normally during your descent to the point where you won't even think about it!

What clothes should I wear? 

Temperature at altitude is approximately 5 degrees colder. Ensure that your clothes are comfortable. If it is a cold day, please use a thermal base layer. In the summer shorts and a t-shirt will be fine. You will be given a jumpsuit to fit over your clothes. Comfortable shoes preferably trainers are advisable. Open toe or shoes with hooks are not allowed.

Will I be able to jump with my friend? 

If you are part of GROUP and have a preference as to who you share your experience with on the plane, make us aware of this at the time of your booking as well as remind us on your arrival. We will do our best to make this happen, however please appreciate that sometimes it is out of our control. Weight limits, the number of people requesting video plus the plane re-fuel schedule can sometimes affect the aircraft manifest system. If you can’t go up in the same plane as your friend, you can cheer them as they come in to land!


Can I get my Tandem skydive videoed? 

If you are doing a Tandem Skydive or an AFF level 1 Skydive, why not request for your jump to be filmed so that you can capture the memories to share with family and friends? Make us aware that you would like your skydive videoed at the time of booking. You may also be able to decide on the day. For the video including camera stills, the cost is payable direct to Parabellum Skydiving on the day of your descent. Please be advised that prices quoted are correct at the time of sending you your documents. You can change your mind on the day of your skydive.

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