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AFF Full Course Price

Cost of Full AFF Course abroad - £1,749

Parabellum Skydiving prides itself on the ability to organise bespoke skydiving expeditions abroad. We choose only the best locations where you will have spectacular views during your skydives, fantastic people to meet as well as a number of other activities to do should the weather be not in our favour or we finish the course early. You will get the maximum out of the trip, it is not just a skydiving course but a fantastic holiday too. We organise and take care of everything, including the accommodation and transportation during the whole expedition. You only need to book your flight with a suitable baggage allowance to bring out your parachute kit (usually 23kg is sufficient).

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The price includes the following:


  • All instruction for the course – Levels 1 to 8

  • Kit hire for all equipment required, this includes: jumpsuits, altimeters, helmets, goggles and parachutes

  • Digital video diary of your course

  • Signed record of your jumps and progression

  • Packing of your parachutes

  • Packing instruction throughout your training - this is not often included in other AFF packages and can cost up to £200 as an independent course.

  • British Skydiving Temporary Membership valid for 1 month

Available at an extra cost during the trip:
  • 10 Consolidation Jumps - £ 749  (this includes hire of the equipment, dispatch, parachute packing, Canopy Training Brief, A-Licence Brief and A-Licence)

  • Repeat Level 1 to 3 - £215

  • Repeat Level 4 to 7 - £169

  • Coaching jumps gearing towards FS1 qualification (can be done during consolidation jumps) - £65

  • Equipment Hire - £15 (if you prefer to continue jumping after gaining your A-Licence)

Additional costs you should consider:


  • Return flight with 23kg baggage allowance – usually between £100 and £200 for Europe and £550 for the USA

  • Accommodation – normally between £35 and £50 per night, sharing a room with another jumper

  • Group car hire with insurance – around £50 per trip, country and season dependent

  • Personal Accident Cover and Travel Insurance – your choice

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