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Why Choose
Parabellum Skydiving

Parabellum instructors have been running military and civilian expeditions (trips) overseas, teaching both soldiers and civilian students how to skydive for over 35 years. The Parabellum way is derived not from guess work, but from knowledge and experience. We incorporate what works and exclude what does not, constantly updating and improving our methods. We are not stuck in our ways but willing to incorporate better techniques, since we are being exposed to different mentality and skills through regular travelling.


Fulfill the Thrill

  • Best of military meets civilian… Parabellum Skydiving incorporates the knowledge and best techniques derived from our military training into the civilian training, and vice versa. Our instructors are deeply embedded in both worlds. Therefore, they can easily adapt their teaching methods to each individual making everyone feel welcome. Whatever your learning method is, we have it up in our experience to recognize quickly.

  • Our Chief Instructor, who is British Skydiving advanced instructor and instructor/examiner, can award you all the qualifications recognised in the UK including the international FAI licence.

  • Our Skydiving equipment is recognised as the best in the field, it is assembled without cost parameters using only the best. We always take our own equipment with us and it is serviced on a regular and conservative schedule.

  • When you complete the course with us, you will be a complete skydiver, able to arrive at any club and check your equipment, you will be competent in free fall and cleared to pack the equipment.

  • We charge much less for kit hire than any commercial centre on completion of the course.

  • All your skydiving and parachuting instruction and jumps will be with the same instruction team, at many commercial centres there can be a different instructor on each jump and many say differing things causing confusion. Parabellum instructors complete a calibration before and after every course to ensure continuity in our training.

  • As your instructors we will always be available for you with the same equipment on return to the UK and available for any further coaching you may choose.
  • Your jumps will be recorded on digital video and you will get a copy of the footage, this is within the cost but most centres will charge up to £50 per jump to film you.

  • All our students are taught to pack the parachutes so that they are competent by the end of the course; commercial centres pack for you then charge a hefty fee to teach you after the course.
  • We charge much less for kit hire than any commercial centre on completion of the course.

This is our specialist subject, we will be doing nothing other than looking after our group and you will have our undivided attention for the trip.

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