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Parabellum Tactical Training delivers the safest and most cutting-edge freefall training in the world today. We have brought the knowledge gained from over 30 years of military freefall operations to ensure your training gives you the strongest of foundations to progress quickly in your skydiving career.

Our company is founded by a team of former Special Forces soldiers, who have spent their careers delivering air operations with a large proven track record of training Special Forces units throughout the world. Our team are Military Free Fall Instructors, who are absolutely committed to ensure that we receive the very best from and deliver to our students.  


Whilst serving in the UK’s Special Forces, our lead instructors have developed training for Military Free Fall High Altitude Oxygen supported operations completed in the most arduous of conditions and environments.

Our courses are a direct mirror of initial SF free fall training, with the same stringent safety and medical support procedures in place. Our team specialises in residential training in Europe and the United States where the weather and facilities support rapid progression at affordable cost. 

Once qualified you can have the opportunity to take part in one of our extreme skydiving Expeditions in Nepal, South America and the Artic circle.  

PTT is the only company in the UK to offer genuine SF training in the civilian arena. 


Our free fall instructors are British Skydiving and United State Associations assured. Aviation parachute riggers and emergency parachute packers. We have specialised in high altitude oxygen supported freefall insertions and jump master procedures. All instructors are combat trauma medics. We are monitored by a Military Aviation Risk Assessment Manager and Practitioner.    


We are

Our Passion

Above All Else


Skydiving is our passion, our hobby, our career... This is what we do. We strive for excellence and thrive on challenges.

At Parabellum we are eager to intrigue students with the new possibilities skydiving brings and wish to share our immense passion for the sport.

Parabellum Skydiving is one of only three clubs in the UK, specialising in residential AFF packages abroad, that can award you all the qualifications recognised in the UK, including "A" License and the international FAI License.

We have carried out FULL Risk Assessment of our courses!

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Our Most Popular Services
Learn To Skydive
Whether you have already completed a tandem skydive or if this will be your first ever experience in the world of skydiving, you can join us for an Accelerated Freefall course, with absolutely no prior experience
Tandem Skydiving

Jump with higly experienced instructors and put your senses through an overdrive with the adrenaline fuelled experience. There are no boundaries, no limits.

Experienced Skydivers

Completed your AFF course, proudly received your A-Licence... What should you do next? Parabellum Skydiving has a number of highly experienced and qualified coaches to take you further.


Parabellum Parachute Display Team - make your special event a visual extravaganza! Stand out, make an impression and wow your guests with one of our spectacular parachute displays.

Specialist Events

The Parabellum Skydiving special events team can organise and deliver bespoke events; from a small local event or special occasion to a large corporate event. Each event will be fully supported and delivered by our specialist team, who are fully trained professional skydivers with over 20 years of experience in parachuting events and displays.

Why Choose Us

Parabellum instructors have been running military and civilian expeditions (trips) overseas, teaching both soldiers and civilian students how to skydive for over 25 years. The Parabellum way is derived not from guess work, but from knowledge and experience. We incorporate what works and exclude what does not, constantly updating and improving our methods. We are not stuck in our ways but willing to incorporate better techniques, since we are being exposed to different mentality and skills through regular travelling.

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